Our company GALILEO TP Process Equipment S.r.l. is the result of the merging of former Officine Galileo Technology and experience in the field of Vacuum and Refrigeration technology and Tecnoplant, one of the first companies in the field to have obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification. This merging of technologies, traditions and human resources has been leading to the creation of a company with a history of continued growth and development on worldwide level since the 1940s.


Using the GALILEO TP Process Equipment S.r.l. technologies and systems, millions of refrigerating units are produced annually throughout the world, granting to the customers, , either small manufacturers or major industries, the utmost quality and reliability in both services and products.


GALILEO TP Process Equipment s.r.l. joined the Burke Porter Group in July of 2018. Burke Porter Group is a house of brands and global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of intelligent machines. Our family encompasses over 40 locations across 4 continents, with manufacturing and support capabilities across the globe.


GALILEO TP Process Equipment s.r.l. opened a new Regional Sales and Service Center in Brazil.


GALILEO TP Process Equipment s.r.l. established  its headquarter in  Via del Pantano 73A, 50018 Scandicci (Florence), Italy.


GALILEO TP Process Equipment s.r.l. opened brand new Regional Sales and Service Center worldwide for better customer’s care and satisfaction, located in East Europe (Bulgaria), U.S.A. and China. More details about those center can be found in the HQ and Regional Center section.
In this year GALILEO TP Process Equipment also purchased all the activities, licenses projects and intellectual properties of ETS Elettronica, and thus acquired the know-how regarding the helium leak detect testing system and automotive components.


GALILEO TP Process Equipment s.r.l., definitively purchased all the activities regarding the manufactures of RAC market and the vacuum products (vacuum pumps, Pirani sensor, strain-gauge, fittings, etc.) including all the intellectual properties, licenses, project and patents.


The Galileo Vacuum Tec operations dedicated to the refrigeration industry are merged in a fusion with the company Tecnoplant and thus the company GALILEO TP Process Equipment S.r.l. is created. The company obtains the ISO 9001 certification and it is one of the first companies in the world in this sector to obtain such a certification.


The first charging machine for the evacuation and charge of Hydrocarbons (isobutane R600a) is developed for the domestic refrigeration industry (Prodigit series).


The “Vacuum Technology” Division of Officine Galileo becomes a separate company with the name of Galileo Vacuum Tec. The new generation of double stage rotary vacuum pumps is introduced (Vacsound series).


Officine Galileo designed the first software for the management of process equipment and for data collection aimed at high production plants (Diagnomat and Selediagnomat)


At the beginnings of the new informatic era, Officine Galileo created the first line of automatic machines for vacuum and refrigerant fluids charge controlled by a microprocessor (Digifill series)


Birth of the first double stage rotary vacuum pumps with a direct drive (Modular series).


The first diffusion pumps are designed and produced to reach high vacuum levels up to 1 x 10-7 mbar (series V3af-bk).


Valves for high vacuum are produced, they can be regulated pneumatically and electromagnetically (series V4ac-et).


It is built, for one biggest Italian industrial groups, one of the first electomechanical systems in the world aimed at the evacuation and charge of refrigerant fluids with complete automatic functioning (the evolution of the equipment, the series V210F, from 1972 will be exported all over the world).


Officine Galileo starts the production of pumps and measurement instruments for the high vacuum.