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Company's Mission and Policies for the Quality, Environment and Safety
GALILEO TP's main goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers in an effective and efficient manner. All of GALILEO TP's associates seek to fulfil this mission in all areas of the refrigeration market, recognizing that this industry is very diversified in that it includes domestic refrigeration, commercial and industrial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, automotive and any manufacturing facility that produces refrigeration systems or components.
The decision to dedicate all of the company's resources to this industry comes from more than 50 years of manufacturing committed to serving the refrigeration market. Galileo's specialized experience enables them to understand the many production factors involved in this market and to address the needs and demands, as well as safety and legal requirements, that govern the industry.
Therefore, having the skills, knowledge and expertise, GALILEO TP can anticipate the industry's production trends and provide leading edge technical and functional solutions and provide exceptional service and assistance after the sale.
Because of our world-wide organization of branches in the USA, China and Bulgaria, combined with a global commercial network of agents and distributors, we can guarantee our customers the best technical solutions and service suitable to each type of production process and market.
GALILEO TP Process Equipment S.r.l. can make available to its customers its experience, offering a complete service solution from designing an entire production line, bringing it to fruition through our systems and equipment, and then supplying the after-sales service with full technical documentation and training sessions suitable for personnel from the project engineer to the production line operators.

In 1996 the company obtained ISO 9001 certification, becoming the first company in the world, in its industry, to be granted this certification. This clearly demonstrates that GALILEO TP has always viewed quality as an essential element for our company. All our products are conceived, designed and built so that their performance, quality and field application assure our customers the lowest possible cost of ownership for its products. In addition to the goal of supplying systems and components to improve our customer's products quality and reduce production costs, GALILEO TP Process Equipment S.r.l.'s software packages monitor, control and manage all the production information aimed at the production line quality and performance standards. Therefore, the customer has the ability to verify the efficiency of their production through simple and clear numeric values which can provide an indication of their production quality and capacity level.
Moreover, Galileo has always provided strategic technological documentation for training and academic purposes regarding important refrigeration technologies such as Vacuum and Leak Detection. This work has been done with the goal of improving the professional knowledge of the industry operators and thus improve the overall quality and efficiency performance of our clients.

Environment and Safety
Protecting the environment and the workers' safety is of utmost importance for all of GALILEO TP. Galileo has always demanded that their engineers, project designers, marketing and all staff work with our clients to assure the workers' safety and protection of the environment.
In the early 80's Galileo was testing the first charging machines using environmentally friendly fluids and was also producing recovery units for polluting gases.
Since that time, the strict collaboration with Environmental Government Agencies of several countries around the world and with the ONU and its affiliated Organizations has enabled Galileo to fulfil an extremely important strategic mission, to preserve the earth from environmental pollution.
Moreover, our company works with many national and international entities in order to set up production systems involving the use of flammable gases, that can guarantee the safety and protection of personnel while performing their functions. Due to GALILEO TP's experience and expertise in these areas, they not only supply consulting advise but also provide a series of training lessons specifically aimed at the work environment safety according to the most recent European standards (ATEXII).