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RP4 is a transfer pump for refrigerant fluids both flammable and not flammable. Refrigerants like CFC, HFC and HCFC (R12, R22, R502, R134a, R407, R410) and also HC (R600a,R290, R170, R32) can be charged by the RP4.

The RP4 is composed by a twin-effect refrigerant cylinder and driven by a pneumatic cylinder; a check valves is mounted in each one of the two refrigerant cylinder heads.

The transfer pump is able to maintain constantly high pressure in the refrigerant supply circuit in order to avoid the formation of vapour bubbles in the fluid.

The RP4 pump is provided with a safety valve on the outlet line set for 38 bar.

Featuring a hydraulic accumulator with a bag-type membrane filled with nitrogen, this helps levelling delivery pressure drops when the piston reaches the end of stroke.




Flow rate

Max working pressure



6 l/min

35 bar