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Kairos Rec

Kairos Rec

The machine Kairos Rec has been designed and built to be used in any kind of small/medium cooling unit assembly line (refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioners, etc.) performing the recovery of tracer gas used in previous stations (ProbHe). To guarantee maximum quality and performance the system communicates with the Galileo tp helium recovery system

In case of high production lines it is possible to connect the leak detector and do the "sniffing"  of the piece under test already charged with a tracer gas (Helium). Kairos Rec can record the leak value read by the leak detector.

In order to guarantee the maximum quality and performance the system is interfaced with the Herec K helium recovery system.




Max working pressure

Fluid inlet line



30 bar 1+1*







Kairos Rec is completely integrated with the GEDA system for data acquisition and statistics, remote programming as well as external supervision of the line.