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Kairos DT

Kairos DT

Engineered and built to be used in any kind assembly lines of cooling unit (refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioners, etc.) and hydronic unit.

Kairos DT performs pressurization with nitrogen for mechanical stress tests and pressure decay test up to 30 bar.

The pressure decay test can guarantee leak detection until 10-2 mbar/s (in function of the unit and test this value can be lower until 10-4 mbar/s). It is specific indicate for testing of hydronic unit and on cooling circuit as pre filtration station for detecting leaks or as substitute of water bubble test.



Max working pressure

Fluid inlet line

Number of filler


Up to 30 bar


1 + 1



The Kairos DT is completely integrated with the GEDA system for data acquisition and statistics, remote programming as well as external supervision of the line.