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Herec K 75 C

Herec K 75 C

Designed for the recovery, storage at low pressure (maximum 10 bar pressure) and the reuse of the helium used for leak detection, Herec K 75 C automatically restores helium losses by charging new helium from the refilling bottle (to be supplied by the user). Also, automatically maintains a stable working pressure condition on high pressure storage and measures helium concentration. The system is composed by only one stage of compression without a high vacuum recovery line. The system has been designed for small production lines with helium test pressure lower than 8 bar. The system features analysis controls of the helium concentration in the tanks, and allows the unit to preserve the purity of the delivered helium at the desired value. Alarm sensors are installed in case of possible anomalies. Herec K 75 C communicates with Galileo tp leak detection machines to provide a complete integration between the systems Low pressure line.





Nominal flow rate

Working pressure

Helium storage capacity

Herec K 75 C

75 Nl/min

Up to 10 bar

75 Nl (at 8 bar outlet pressure)