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Engineered to work with flammable gases and to be used in any type of cooling unit assembly lines (refrigerator, deep freezer, air conditioner, etc.) Certus performs evacuation, leak tests and refrigerant charges. Particularly suited for small and medium production rates that require a very accurate refrigerant dose. Due to the dosing cylinder metering technology (featuring a special single-effect piston), the system precisely controls the filling amount charged from the beginning until the end of the injection phase.

Certus charges any kinds of HC, CFC, HCFC, HFC and other flammable blends.

Certus can charge flammable refrigerant, even without the help of a transfer pump being directly connected to a small refrigerant bottle just behind the machine. This configuration is suitable only for small production lines.


Charging speed:

  • up to 25 g/s for HC
  • up to 45 g/s for HFC





No. Injectors

No. Dosing cylinder


Certus 11



Certus 12






Certus  is completely integrated with the GEDA system for data acquisition and statistics, remote programming as well as external supervision of the line.