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Cerberus X1

Cerberus X1

Cerberus X1 is a gas monitoring system for flammable gases like R600, R290 and R32. It is not only a gas monitoring system but it also manages the safety supervision of charging /hazardous areas by controlling function like ventilation speed, power and refrigerant supply. Cerberus X1 detects flammable HC with gas monitoring sensor it can manage up to 8 gas sensor.

The system features the following devices:

• Gas presence sensor;

• Differential pressure sensor on ventilation line;

• Temperature sensor to control the safety valves of refrigerant pipeline;

• End-course switches for correct closing of the protection fences;

• General emergency switch;

• The system can manage up to 2 Wind (ventilation system);

• Option of communication with control software installed on a remote pc;


If the Cerberus X1 is connected to a gas sensor with SIL2 performance level (IEC 61508), it could guarantee the safety function by switching off the power and ventilation higher speed with PLd level in accordance to EN 13489.