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Vacuum K

Vacuum K

Vacuum K is a pre-evacuation unit for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

This unit is composed of a single cabinet with wheels.

The  microprocessor  control  system  allows  the  Vacuum  K  to  work  automatically on more units together (up to 4) while displaying  all  the necessary information for the working cycle and diagnostics.

Vacuum  K  is  supplied  with  a  double  stage  vacuum  pump  D28  m3/h and  four  vacuum  hoses  for simultaneous  evacuation  of up to four  independent  cooling  circuits. The  evacuation  phase  on different units can  be  performed,  according  to  customer needs,  “in  sequence”, “rotating” or in “parallel”. Thanks to this programming possibility the vacuum time can be optimized.





Pumping speed

Number of connection hoses

Length of connection hose


Vacuum K

Up to 28 m3/h

Up to 4

2,5 m