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Modular D80

Modular D80

Modular is the Galileo TP's line of vacuum pumps to manage high volume units which need higher pumping capability. It offers a special anti-suck back that isolates the vacuum system when the pump is stopped.

This line of pumps has been designed in order to ensure constant vacuum levels without contamination of the product under process.

The items are manufactured with high precision tooling machines and high quality raw materials for enhanced service life.

There are leak tested with Helium for ensuring a higher grade of tightness and equipped with high flow gas ballast to increase performance when operating with condensable gases or water vapor.

Each pump can be supplied with a wide range of fittings and accessories, including high efficiency filters with oil vapor recovery.





Pumping speed

Ultimate partial pressure

Connection ports


73 m3/h

10-4 mbar

DN 40 KF