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HC DS01 is a system developed for increasing the safety n hazardous environment for using hydrocarbon gases. It is integrated with both Galileo TP charging machines and safety control unit, like CERBERUS or SUPERGUARD.

It is assembled on a steel frame and composed by:

  • A set of four pneumatic control valves, manually or automatic operated by Galileo TP equipment (MANUAL or AUTO modes);
  • A set of five manual control valves;
  • A set of two safaty valves calibrated at 30 bar;
  • A refrigerant fluid filtering unit with manual drain valve for maintenance activities;
  • A pressure gauge for inlet refrigerant pressure verification;
  • A set of semi flexible connecting tubes to the transfer pump unit.

The whole system can be operated in MANUAL or AUTO mode. While the MANUAL mode is reserved to testing and maintenace activities, the AUTO mode is the oeprational standard status in which all the pneumatic control valves are controlled directly by Galileo TP chrging equipment and supervised by CERBERUS module (or SUPERGUARD).

Using Galileo TP HS D01 sets the safety standard to an higher level.


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