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ProbHe M

ProbHe M

Engineered and built to be used in any type of cooling unit assembly line (refrigerator, deep freezer, air conditioners, etc.), ProbHe M performs the evacuation, pressurization with nitrogen for  mechanical stress tests and gross leak tests and pressurization by tracer gas (helium/hydrogen mix) for  automatic fine leaks. ProbHe M measures the volume, flow, humidity and performs flushing test with nitrogen.

Version M (Multisniffer) features a manifold that connects up to 8 custom sniffing pliers (instead of using the leak detector sniffer probe). The manifold can be combined with the most common leak detectors in the market. Each plier has a specific led indicator that guarantees easier and faster readings. The main feature of the Multisniffer version is to reduce the human error in the leak detection, and it is particularly suited for high production rate lines. In order to guarantee the maximum quality and performance  the system is interfaced with the Herec K helium recovery system.





Max working pressure

Fluid inlet line

Number of filler


ProbHe M

45 bar



ProbHe HP M

140 bar







The ProbHe M is completely integrated with the GEDA system for data acquisition and statistics, remote programming as well as external supervision of the line.